Material Handling Fan

Material Handling Fans

The Luwa material handling fan can be used for the pneumatic transport of dust and fibres as well as for clean air applications. Yet they are mainly used in textile plants as well as for tobacco, paper and other industries. Its special characteristics are the open radial blades impeller.

It is important to have an adequate ratio of material to be conveyed / air and air velocity to guarantee proper functioning of the fan. Several fan sizes are available to cover a wide air volume and pressure range used in the industry. 

Each fan size has multiple impellers to optimize the duty point. Further calibration can be achieved with adjusting the rpm with a frequency inverter. The open blade design allows the fan to perform as a pneumatic conveying device. The blades are, depending on the series, either straight or slightly back curved. All impellers are made of heavy gauge steel, welded and powder coated as well as dynamically balanced. The impeller is normally coupled directly to the end of the motor shaft by means of clamping. Easy exchangeable for spare replacement. 

The fan casing is made of sheet steel in welded construction and powder coated. Optionally a stainless steel lining is provided on the inner scroll surface. The casing is directly fixed to the motor.

Fan design

  • Open-type fan blade to satisfy the requirement of a fibre conveying fan
  • Straight or slight backward curved blade, depending on the series
  • Impeller directly fitted on the motor shaft, fixed with wedge
  • 45deg rotatable housing
  • High efficiency – low power consumption
  • Steel scroll casing, welded and powder-coated – with optional stainless steel lining
  • Impeller in mild steel, welded and powder-coated
  • Motor foot fastened on cantilever and fixed with screws and flange onto the housing
  • Foot-cum-flange motor, 3-phase, IP54 with cooling fan
Material Handling Fan

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