Multi Cell Filter MCV

The MultiCell-V (MCV) filter has minimized floor space requirement and optimizes the air flow with the V-shaped arranged filter cells. The filter is suitable for high dust-laden exhaust air with small amount of fibres. Highly efficient filter media guarantees high filtration grade for dust particles and fibres. The filter media is automatically cleaned by suction mounted on a robot. It is the most compact filter system available for the fibre and textile industry.


  • Automatic cleaning of the filter media
  • Controlling of the cleaning process by differential pressure guards
  • Simple and sturdy 2-axis movement drive of suction nozzle
  • Application with pre-fabricated housing or in a walled room


  • Only 1/3 space required compared to rotary filter
  • Shorter A/C stations – smaller service bay
  • Excellent cleaning effect
  • Static filter cells guarantee good sealing
  • Fast and easy change of filter medium
  • Easy maintenance

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